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What is a Reverse Mortgage? (Simplified)

You have equity in your house that you have been paying on for what seems like forever, but your income has been, or you anticipate it to be, reduced due to any number of factors.

  • Approaching your later years without a good cash position is a terrifying thought.
  • You have always been self-sufficient and pride yourself on that. No need to change now.
  • You have done well by building up equity in your home. Now you can use it to remain self-sufficient.
  • A reverse mortgage eliminates your monthly principal and interest payment. (your equity pays the interest)
  • You keep the cash that used to go to pay your mortgage, thereby giving you the breathing room to enjoy the years ahead.
  • You get to stay in the home as long as you like being only responsible for the taxes, insurance and maintenance.
  • When the time comes, your heirs get all of the remaining equity without any chance of being stuck with a liability….even if you live to 140.

What a Reverse Mortgage CAN do?

Ever sense you obtained your existing reverse mortgage, your home value has been going up. In addition, new rules have raised the limit of what you can borrow on a reverse mortgage. Although we don’t like to talk about it, we are also getting older, which means you now qualify for a larger amount. Give us a call to see what additional benefits you may get by refinancing your current reverse mortgage.

Downsizing? You can sell your existing home, use your equity to buy the new home and obtain a new reverse mortgage for the balance making sure you will never ever have to make a mortgage payment again. All you will be responsible for is the taxes, insurance, and maintenance. New digs without a new payment. Joy!

Inheritance? Use it to buy a home. Finance the balance with a new reverse mortgage and never think about a house payment again.

Many financial planners use reverse mortgages as a routine part of setting up their clients for successful retirement. Not everyone has gobs of cash in the bank set aside for their retirement, so planning to use the saving that is your home equity is smart.

The remaining spouse: When someone leaves this world, they usually leave a spouse behind. Income can be reduced to the point where staying in the home becomes a burden for the remaining spouse. Solve that problem upfront by obtaining a reverse mortgage which will allow the remaining spouse the financial freedom to continue life while at the same time, eliminating some of the financial stress that often accompanies the loss of a loved one

Line of Credit – Many programs come with a line of credit to use at your discretion.

Lump sum cash out – Yes you can, as long as you have enough equity. The calculator will give you an indication.

What a Reverse Mortgage DOESEN’T do?

The only difference between a regular mortgage and a reverse mortgage is where your payment comes from. With a regular mortgage you make the payment from your cash holdings, with a reverse mortgage, the equity in your home makes the payment. The remaining equity when you leave, belongs to your heirs.

From your reverse mortgage. During the lifetime of the loan, your equity is also paying FHA mortgage insurance. If you outlive the equity in your home, the FHA mortgage insurance covers the lender for any losses.

How do I make sure I am doing the right thing?

The process starts with education. It is a requirement……..that before we order a credit report, before we order an appraisal, before anything, you must attend counseling with an independent third party counseling service. You get to ask all of your questions and be educated in how you make sure you put yourself into a winning position independent of what any loan officer says.

We suggest you also involve your family…… they are an important part of this decision and you want to make sure that they are getting correct information allowing them to be comfortable with your final decision.

Make sure you consider all options…….. If you have a financial planner, please have them involved in the process also. Most important, be comfortable with the company you chose to work with. Knowledge is king and you want to have access to someone who will allow you the time to think, the time to get your questions answered and digest the information. We know it’s a big step, and an important one. Do it right and as one customer said, “this is by far the best decision I have ever made”.

Experience Matters

R. J. “Dick” Teno has 40 + years in the real estate and mortgage world. He has held almost every position imaginable in mortgage lending. From processor to loan officer to high level management, owner of mortgage brokerage firms and owner of mortgage banking firms securitizing $100 million dollar mortgage pools. He has been an appraiser, an appraiser reviewer, a quality control auditor and a liaison to government regulators. Suffice it to say, he understands this business top to bottom.

It is this experience that allows him the opportunity to guide you through your mortgage approval process with the confidence that you will get the best loan that you qualify for and at the best rate and terms available for your situation.

Lending is personal. Let experience work for you.
We will never sell your information to anyone, ever!

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